Wednesday, October 24, 2007

SO... David is coming home in a little less then a week. YEAH!!!! I'm so excited it has been a super long month. I've miss him so much But I have kept myself busy working and working and working some more. I love work. The kids are all so cute! But I promise that after David comes back I will put pictures up of our house. I PROMISE. He is going to paint it and make it look real nice... SO then I will post them. Maybe I will do some before and afters so you get the whole picture. I'm so excited. David is going to take 9 days off work. I will be taking off a couple days to help with the work. Actually I'm hoping that he will have it all done when I take work off so we can just relax together... LOL... I'm so happy with life and how it has turned out. We are very happy. We are very busy and don't see much of each other when he is gone but I wouldn't have it any other way. Thank you so much for all of your love and support. We truly appreciate it.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Updating our info.

So I am not very good at staying on top of this. I just read every ones and mine is super boring. I apologize for that but not much changes here. I am still at the Day care working. I love my job and for the most part I love the kids. We have some that it really depends on the day. We have Brooke the bitter, David the Red head that has a look of 'And what are you going to do about it', Isaiah who looks like Mowgli off of Jungle Book, Sejal is from India so she speaks in two different languages so we shake our heads a lot of the time, Saffron who I don't think she has a care in the world, Jessica who is perfect. I'm the only one that can understand her. Roan our screamer, Lucas will be leaving us soon to the Preschool room, Seth is our baby he just sits around and watches everyone else have fun, and Presley who is named after... Yup you guessed it Elvis Presley. She has a sister Graceland and their parents basement is total Elvis stage and all... They keep me busy which is good since David is yet again out to sea...
I never write when he is home, so your probably thinking 'He came back?'. He was home for 2 weeks which one of the 2 weeks he was working 8am-8pm so we didn't see a lot of each other during the day. He is out for a month right now he would love emails if you would like to send him one he would love it. His email is He is pulling into port at some point so I will be able to talk to him. I'm way excited about that.
I am doing Mary Kay now on top of day care so that keeps me even more busy and then my church callings which are teaching Relief Society and doing Activity Days for the girls. I am having fun with both of them. I will be doing my first Activity Day on the 16th. I hope they have fun. I have had fun planning it.
What else is going on... OH David built me a pantry before he left. I LOVE IT!!! I will have to find my camera and put some pictures up. It is so nice to be OUT of boxes we only have 3 more left. Books, Quilts, and Coats. But we are getting their. David is taking a week and a half off when he gets back. So I am going to put him to work painting while I am at work... He'll need something to do right?? :-)
But we are loving life, missing home, and keeping busy. Not much changes around here but I will write more often to keep you all updated. I love reading yours so I'm sure you like to read mine also. If anyone is ever on the east coast and needs a place to stay we would love to have you.