Tuesday, August 21, 2007


David and I were married a year ago on August 18. We were living in Kittery, Maine for the past year. We loved Maine. David's boat was in the Portsmouth New Hampshire dry dock getting a face lift... His boat was gutted and put back together with up to date parts.

We bought a house in Oakdale, Connecticut on the 17th of July. I moved here at the beginning of August and David stayed in Maine till the boat left. Finally we are together in Connecticut!!! YEAH!!! David had to travel with the boat for about a week and before that he was pretending to be underway for a week and a half. David is so glad to be out of the boat! I'm not sure what he will do when he has to be on it for 6 months. I don't know what I will do when he has to do his 6 month tour... Hopefully I will be going to Australia when they pull in... That is about the only good thing about him going out for 6 months is that we will see the world...

David will be going in and out for the next couple months and I will be working at a day care and going to school. I am not completely sure in what yet. Either CNA classes or as a Medical Transcriptions were still looking into that... But we are doing good. Loving life, Loving being married, Loving our home and depending on the day David is loving his job. :-) We are have been very blessed with our jobs and our home and every other aspect of our lives.