Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I am due February 5th!!

Update time...

So David has been home for 10 weeks now and I really should have had these pictures posted then. But here are some pictures of Homecoming. It was SO nice to see David. Me and some other wives off the boat along with Terri and Autumn (friends of ours)went to Avery point and watched for the boat to come up the river... That seemed like it took forever! We would be looking out into the ocean saying OH That must be it... just to find out that it was a sail boat or boat going away from us...Finally after about an hour the sub was finally coming home! It was SO exciting!!! I jumped in the car and went to base to wait on the pier for the sub to pull in. Luckily that wasn't as long of a wait. I couldn't believe that the boat was finally home and that I was going to see my husband after 6 months! They got the boat rigged up and let the families onto the pier and then it was a sea of men in white uniforms! Finally David came off of the boat... I couldn't believe that it was really him! It was so good to have him home! He wasn't able to come home that day because he had duty but I was able to stay with him until about 8pm. I got SO burnt being out in the sun for that long. David didn't really want to sit on the boat again after just getting off... Totally understandable... I got him Friday morning and when we came home our neighbors had decorated our door way with balloons and put flags up everywhere... It was SO nice of them! I am so grateful for everyone's help through deployment I couldn't have done it without you. Anyways here are the pictures of the damaged boat :( It will be going into dry dock for who knows how long at least a year it sounds like but that works for us because that just means David wont be going out to sea for at least 3.5 years. No complaint here... He is on this boat till Feb. and then shore duty for 3 years which means not sea time. YAY!!