Friday, March 21, 2008

just a quick note

Just wanted everyone to know that my surgery went amazingly well. I was scheduled for 2 hrs. but completed it less than an hour. Then i was supposed to be in recovery from the anesthesia for 1.5 hrs. but was out 45min. later and in my room for 1 hr. but I was headed on from the hospital not more than 30 minutes later. When David and I got to the hospital he was telling me that I would have to leave in a wheel chair. I told him I would not leave in one but he insisted I would. So they had him go get the car while they got a wheel chair for me. They came in with one and I asked if that was my chariot and jumped out of the chair that I was in to move to the wheel chair. She was like wow I haven't seen someone get up like that after a gal bladder surgery are you sure you need the wheel chair. I said I don't think I need it but I will do what you want me to. We walked out and David was surprised they let me walk out. But that just goes to show how well I am doing. I am super surprised but feeling very blessed. Thank you all for your prayers. Love you all so much!!!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Update time

So a quick update of our lives. I had the best birthday present given to me yesterday because David came home a couple days earlier that he was supposed to so I was able to spend it with him. But he is only home for about 10 days and will be leaving again to go on a mini deployment. He gets to go to France. Sad day that I can not go with him :-( Maybe i can sneak in his sea bag...

He was going to stay home for the next 2 months but they are having the last big inspection on the boat and they want him to be their so that he can ace his DC stuff yet again. Which is good. But his new chief even told him, "Sorry your getting punished for doing a good job with your DC gear". He would have been doing schools that would have helped him with life when he isn't in the Navy. But hopefully he will be able to do them when he comes back. That way he will get a 'outstanding' on his DC and will also be able to do the schools to help for when he gets a Civilian job.

I am working at the Day Care which I am still loving. I am going in for Gal Bladder surgery on the 20th. I am feeling pretty good about it right now. David will be home for that and he will be off for 4 days afterwards to take care of me.

For those of you who know my friend Laura or have heard me talk about her, she had her baby today at 4:30am. 8lbs. 2oz. and 18in. long. He is so stinking cute. His name is Kallin. It will be fun to watch him grow and to watch how her two daughters interact with him. I took her daughters Tate and Shaye for the weekend a couple weeks ago so that her and her husband could get some things done in their house before Kallin came. I put Tate's hair in curlers and she looked so dang cute so here are some pictures of the girls that weekend and when I get some of Kallin I will add them also.

This is Shaye This is Tate and her curlers This is her curls


This is my hair cut... Laura and I were out driving around wondering what we could do that would be productive for the time she had without kids so we decided to cut our hair. Her husband called and asked where we were because it took a little more time than we had thought it would but it was fun. Laura's turned out well... Not so great but I love mine. It is just choppy in the back. Totally not straight by any means though I think she got scissor happy on one side of my head but it still looks good.