Sunday, June 29, 2008

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I know my brothers and parents have been waiting and waiting for this to be posted so finally a week later I am posting it.

David and I were able to go to a Red sox game last Sunday. It was so much fun!! We had the perfect seats and we only paid 85 dollars for them!!! We went with my boss and her husband Autumn and Jim. I didn't think that I would like it at all but for that price how could you say no. So we went and it was SO much fun. Jim and I were like "Oh my gosh did you see that catch or oh so close" Autumn and David couldn't have cared less but had fun none the less. 
When we got their during the National Anthem these men in red shirts were rolling this big white thing out and we couldn't tell what it was but if they were doing it during the National Anthem it must have been important. It was, it was a cover for the field to protect it from the rain that began falling. They got it covered seconds before it pored rain. The game was delayed for an hour. But surprisingly you didn't get bored. The Vendors were exiting to watch and hear them yell. David had to do the whole experience Hot Dog and Peanuts. I was laughing so hard. He ate a whole bag of Peanuts by himself. 
Sadly we ended up leaving early so that we could catch our train out which was an hour late coming so we could have stayed longer. It was the top of the 7th when we left and the Cardinals has scored 2 and Red sox none the game was fun to watch but nothing exciting happened till after we left. They played 13 innings and the Red sox won 5 to 3!! I was SO sad that we had to leave. But I am very very very excited to go to the Yankee Stadium with my parents when they come out to see us. It will be so much fun!!
The Fenway park is SO much smaller than it looks on tv. I was shocked their isn't a bad seat in the house. They man that we got the tickets from told us to watch out for right handed batters foul balls. Sure enough we had 7 come in our direction. We weren't fortunate enough to get one though. Hopefully we can go again next year. I would do it again no doubt. It is so much more fun watching it in person rather than on TV. 
All and all it was a good day!!! The day before Hans had asked me who was going to play and I told him Red Sox and the Celtics. He laughed so hard and said that I knew nothing about baseball and I was like ya cause they are a basketball team huu... He shared with my whole family. But I did see the Celtics play ok well it was a kid wearing a jersey playing buckets for money but that counts right. :-) Here are some pictures ENJOY!!!!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Catching up on us

Things are going really  good out here in Connecticut. Work is work and I am loving it. It doesn't change much. Davids on the other hand changes constantly. He has been home for about 2 months this is the longest he has been home consistently since moving back to Connecticut. I have loved having him home. He still has his duty days where he stays at the boat for 24 hrs. and if it lands on a week day he has to finish out his work day but I would much prefer that then him being gone all the time. He will be home for a little bit longer then he will leave again. We are coming home in September YEAH!!! But will return with some busy months for David ahead of us. He will start his 6 month deployment at the end of this year. Sad days... This year has gone by so fast and I hope that the 6 month will also. 
But on a lighter note and the whole reason for me writing this Blog is to tell you all that David ranked up about 2 weeks ago. So what does that mean I bet it the question that you are all asking. Well... He is now the 3rd from the top in his division. He is a seconds class petty officer E-5. I would say that he is having more responsibilities but he has been doing E-5 work for about 6 months now so he is now getting paid for the work that he is doing. I am so proud of him and all his hard work. I tell him sometimes that if he didn't work so hard and had bad work ethic he could come home earlier. But I would much rather have him work hard even if it does make his days longer than those he works with. I am so proud of all of his  accomplishments since joining the navy. This next year will be full of big decisions for us. We have to decide if we are going to re-enlist while he is out to see or wait till he is home again. With that re-enlistment he would be shore duty. It would be like him having a civilian job almost. He would have duty once a month but our other choice is much more appealing. David is going to a councilor for school on Monday and from their will decide if he should go officer. The XO on the boat came up to him and told him that he had put a package in for him to become Officer. It opened alot of possibilities for us. The XO isn't able to do this but it was his way of telling David that he should not be enlisted but should be an officer. It was a HUGE compliment for him to receive. So now we are looking into that. He will still have to do his 6 month deployment because they only enroll for the program once a year and the dead line has passed but if he does do it they will send him to school to get his Associates degree and start officers school that is all he would be doing is focusing on school no more going out to sea!! YEAH!!! But after that he would have to go back on a boat for another 1-2 years before he could leave the navy. It is a huge opportunity for him and I know that he would do well with it. Only time will tell for us to see if this is the right thing for him to do.   I am so proud of my husband and all he has done and will continue to do. That is the gist of our lives. Mine is simple and doesn't' have alot of change work wise but Davids is enough for the both of us. I love you all and hope things are going well with all of you.