Sunday, November 4, 2007


David is HOME YEAH!!! I am loving having him home... It has been a lot of fun. We had his Birthday party yesterday. Well we just had friends over for dinner but it was still fun!!! He is taking off the next week. I'm not sure what he will be doing for a week since I will be at work... But I'm sure he will find something to entertain himself... We will post pictures of our house this week sometime. We have decided to pay some bills off rather than paint our house. It's kinda sad but it will be nice not to have the debt anymore...
David will be home for a little over a month and then gone for 3 weeks but he will be home for Christmas. Hopefully Chelse' will be coming out to join us for our first Christmas in our home... It will be loads of fun... But other than that not anything to exciting is going on.