Saturday, February 28, 2009


I can't believe it... We are halfway through deployment! YEAH!!! Some days it goes by fast and other days it goes by slow... Today is fast... This year in general has gone fast. I am so grateful for that. I am keeping really busy with school, church callings and work. I am glad to be so busy it helps pass the time. Some days I wish that I wasn't so busy though it is hard to find time just to sit down... lol... David is doing good. We haven't been able to email for the past couple weeks though. I miss our emails so much!!! I can not wait until the system is fixed. He will be pulling into a couple more ports before coming home. Some of which will be France, Turkey, and the United Emirates. I hope to get more pictures from him that we can post. I am so proud of him and all that he is doing. I can not wait until he comes home. It will be fun to have him back and now that were on the down hill slide it makes it that much more exciting.