Friday, May 16, 2008

Long time No post...

(Sorry I couldn't get this below)

So I'm sitting here looking at everyones page and thinking... Does everyone click on my page to see if i updated??? Because that is what i do. So I've decided to give you something to read.
Not a lot has changed here. I am still at the Day Care and loving it more and more everyday. We just got a new baby. She is 6 weeks old and the cutest thing. She makes me want to start our family even more. Just a little over a year until David is done with his 6 month deployment and then we will. David is home now. YEAH He has been gone for pretty much 3 months with a 10 day break. But now he is home for a month and a half and maybe even longer. I am hoping that he will stay in for the July underway so that he can spend some time with my Parents who are coming out July 5-13 (which i am so excited about!!!) 
While David was out they pulled into France and he was able to spend 4 days wondering around. He wasn't able to go to Paris because it would have cost about 250 just for the train ride. He said that things are really expensive. But he bought me a picture that I absolutely love. If it was from America I would have asked why on earth he bought it for me but it is from France so you have to love it... He also got me perfume which was wrapped perfectly and no tape was used on it. When I wrap I use more tape than wrapping paper i think. It smells so good I think the smell lasts longer than ours does. Which is good because I love the smell..
  My friend Laura was able to bring her camera down on the Pier with her and I wish I would have gotten a picture of the sub but I forgot to ask her if she would get one of us in front of it. Next Deployment I guess... That is the only time that you are able to take a picture of any sub is when it is coming back from a Deployment. But I will post the picture that she did take and also one of the picture from France. 
Other than that not much has been going on. We are doing small projects on our house so i will post pictures of that soon.