Saturday, February 23, 2008

What I do while David is away

So I am FINALLY hanging up some curtains in my house. I have had these curtains since before we moved here. They used to be in our bedroom in Portsmouth, NH. I have just been way to Lazy to buy a rod. But I did it and it looks great. Who needs a guy to hang up curtain rods. David will be so proud of me. I hardly do anything to the house when he isn't here. I let him make all the decisions a make the holes in the walls. That way if they are in the wrong spot it isn't my fault :-) He is really good about it I know that he wishes that I would do more but I am just to nervous of doing the wrong thing. But I think this was a safe thing to do. Next to attack is curtains for my Front Room. But I have no idea what color. I am waiting for the Bed Bath and Beyond to open up in the mall. We have had a gift card since we got married and the closest one right now is 1.5hrs away.

Monday, February 18, 2008

I Love my husband

Well David is gone again for 5 weeks. He will only be home for a little over a week and then gone for 2 months so we aren’t seeing much of each other. But he is really good at writing me so it makes it a little easier. David has been the DCPO (Damage Control Petty Officer) for almost a year. When he got this job in Portsmouth, NH it was in very sad shape. The guy that had it before him didn't have anything in order and on top of that the boat was being torn apart so everything was in shambles, and the quy was leaving so he had no help. When he got this job he was excited about it but scared when he saw what he was walking into. Their were days when he was very discouraged about it but i kept telling him that one day it would pay off. Well the day has come. He has worked very hard for this and I am so proud of his work ethic and all that he has done to accomplish it. When he goes out to sea they run drills and have inspections. Some of the drills they run have to do with his DC. Which is fire fighting and the 'incase of emergency you need this' stuff. The boat takes great pride in being the cleanest boat in the east coast fleet and now they can also take great pride in having the best DC in the submarine fleet. They were awarded a plaque that they will keep on the boat, but this was awarded to the men that are higher up than David. They helped a little but afterwards his chief came up to him and said "This should have gone to you" "Will we get it again in 2008?" David was bummed that he didn't get recognition for all his hard work but I know that he will work just as hard to get it in 08 as long as he is the DCPO (which I think this is the last underway that he will be) But he will work hard to help the new guy. His LPO Leading Petty Officer gave him 96 hrs. liberty, which means he can have 4 days off whenever he chooses to use it. Which will be SO nice to have 4 days with him. But the BIG thing that I am SO proud of him for getting is the NAM which is the Navy Achievement Medal. It is hard to get, his chief put him in for one. He got a ribbon and a certificate. His Captain wrote this on his Certificate: Department of the Navy This is to Certify that The secretary of the navy has awarded the Navy and Maine Corps Achievement Medal to Machinist’s mate 3rd class (SS) David J. Harding, United States Navy for Professional achievement in the superior performance of his duties while serving as a member of Auxiliary division aboard USS Hartford(SSN 768) from July to December 2007. Petty Officer Harding consistently performed his demanding duties in an exemplary and highly professional manner. His exceptional level of knowledge and skillful management of divisional DCPO's as the ship’s damage control petty officer maintained the ship's damage control equipment and systems in superior condition allowing Hartford to excel in all assigned tasking. His efforts resulted in recognition for Damage control excellence and receipt of the CSS-4 Red "DC" award for 2007. His rapid qualification and proficiency as auxiliary man of the watch, keen attention to detail and exceptional personal integrity, set the standard among his peers and led to his selection as Junior Sailor of the Quarter for the fourth quarter of 2007. Perry officer Harding's outstanding technical ability, personal initiative, and unswerving devotion to duty reflected great credit upon himself, and were in keeping with the highest traditions of the United States Naval Service.

I am so proud of him for all his accomplishments that he has on the boat. He is a hard worker even when the work is more than called for. I love that his worth ethic is so good. I am so proud to be his wife. I love him so much and can not wait to see what he will take and learn with his new jobs on the boat. I know that he will continue to work hard and learn all he can for himself and for his family.
Thank you all so much for your love and support that you give to David and I it makes it alot easier. Thank you mom and dad for letting me call you every night and for all your words of encouragement. David and I appreciate it so much. We love you all!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Well... For those of you who eat at any fast food restaurant be careful what you ask for. David and I went to Burger King tonight on our way home and he asked for a #4 (Jr. Whopper) with cheese no tomato, no onion, and extra pickles. Well the Extra Pickles is where we get into trouble. So I open up the hamburger and I start eating the smaller of the two not looking at what is on it. David's hamburger had two patties on it so it would have been the larger one, so i figured i was safe. Well i start eating it and it has bacon on it and he says that is mine so i give it to him a bit confused because the other sandwich is MUCH larger than the one he was now eating. I open it up and I find not a little extra pickle but a lot of extra pickles. Enough for i would say 10 sandwiches all with extra pickles. I had 38 pickles on the inside and 1 on the outside that made my bread super soggy. It was not a very good hamburger to say the least. All the pickles made my burger cold and my bread soggy. And to top it off i had no cheese. It was a very sad BK run but it gave us a good laugh.